How long is the bus ride?

​​​​Can I Bring my own Tubes?

Bus ride is approx. 8 minutes maybe longer depending on traffic

What if I pop a tube do I have to pay for it

In most cases no because tubes can be fixed but if tube is deemed not repairable we ask that you reimburse us for 1/2 the cost of the tube $20

Is there food available?


Not really, if you can make it down to the water chances are tube will hold you. If for some reason it wont you will receive a full refund and a ride back to where your car is parked.

Yes.  Chubs Hot Dogs

We have concerns about Corona and social distancing, what measures are ya'll taking to social distance etc?

So the tubes have a weight limit?

None. Tubing is completely voluntary so if your not comfortable on a bus with 30 other people you probably dont need to go tubing.

Do you rent Kayaks?


Frequently asked questions

     How does the trip work?

   You arrive at our location, Sign a waiver, pay and then the shuttle takes you up to the put in.  Once you are in the water it will take around 2.5hours to arrive back at where. you signed up where you car is.  

   Are reservations required?

   NO, NOT UNLESS YOU HAVE A GROUP OF 20 OR MORE.  If the weather has been rainy     it is a good idea to call ahead and make sure  and 

    confirm that we are open, or you can check our facebook page where we post updates to weather and river

​    conditions.

    Minimum Age

     The Minimum Age is 3yrs old and they must weigh at least 30lbs and be accompanied by 2 adults and be attached to both adults with straps that we provide.  Must wear a life jacket.

   What to wear?

    We suggest bathing suits or shorts its really up to you.  We highly recommend water shoes or old tennis 

     shoes because there are rocks and possibly other things that you would not want to step on with bare feet.

   Do you offer group or military discount?

    Yes, if you have 20 and must be paid for in one form of payment lump sum.  or more in your group the price drops to $15.00 per person for the 2hr trip and $20 per person for the extended trip and Veterans and active    

     military receive a 10% discount on their admission, however we only honor 1 discount so if they are receiving the group rate military discount does not apply.

   Do you allow dogs on tubes?

   We don't recommend bringing your dog but if you do it must be a small dog (under 30lbs) and we also

     recommend bringing a life jacket for your dog.

   Can I bring a cooler?

    Yes, you can bring a cooler.  We have cooler floats(no coolers) that you can rent for $10.00.  We also have trash can so you can properly dispose of your trash when you get off of the river. Alcohol is legal and allowed on the  River but consumption of alcohol is not allowed on the premises of C.R.O.

   Misc. suggestions

   Do not bring anything on the river with you that don't want to loose or ruin.  We advise people to lock up 

    phones and other items in their car and we will keep their keys in the office. We do not accept keys after 

    1:30 pm